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Kite is the visually stunning, controversial two part OVA from Yasuomi Umestu.

Kite is about a schoolgirl named Sawa who's parents were murdered while she was in her early teens. The detectives investigating the crime, Akai and Kanye, take her in as guardians. Akai, forces Sawa to become his sex slave.

Sawa becomes an assassin after the corrupt detectives make her kill an alleged rapist of young girls.

Eventually, Sawa meets a fellow assassin named Oburi, who is of a similar age, and a bond quickly forms between them. Sawa slowly gains the strength to escape from Akai and Kanye to set out on her own. But the corrupt detective's have other ideas.

 Sawa $45

 Sawa sketch $45 SOLD

 Oburi $40 SOLD

 Oburi's Target $15 SOLD

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